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Digitally printed car magnet. Printed from customer supplied artwork.
Car Magnets

Car magnet signs are a cost effective (cheap) way to promote your business, event, or political election campaign.  Custom magnetic signs will adhere to most metallic surfaces, use them on your car doors and truck doors as removable advertising.

Our magnet car signs are made using Magnum Magnetics flexible magnetic sheeting.  Magnum Magnetics manunfactures the highest quality magnetic sheeting in the industry.  Our magnets have superior holding power.  Magnum flexible magnetic sheeting is a thermoplastic, permanent magnetic product made with a high-intensity, multi-pole magnetic material designed to produce superior holding power on most metallic surfaces.

Click on any image below to order online.  We also have Bumper Sticker Magnets, Sport Magnets (Football, Basketball, Baseball, etc.), Ribbon Magnets, and Custom Shapped Magnets - Call for more information.