Custom Static Cling Decals
Static Cling Decals adhere to smooth metal and glass.
Custom Static Cling Decals
Custom static cling decals are removable and reusable.  Static clings with stick to smooth metal and glass surfaces without adhesive.

Static window cling decals adhere without adhesive to clean, smooth glass or metal surfaces.  Easily removed and reusable.  Custom static cling decals and labels are perfect for special promotions, point of purchase displays and temporary markings.  Custom static clings are not recommended for outdoor applications.

How to calculate square inches.


Four-Color Process - Separations created from a digital file.  Printed in 100 line screen.  Fine type, thin lines and critical solid colors should be printed as an additional color.  A color key proof is provided for review before printing.  Backing imprint with white on clear material is recommended.  White must be priced as a color.

Die Cutting - No charge for square corners or circles every 1/2'' in diameter.  Die cutting charge for special shapes or round corners through 250 square inches or when either dimension is less than 1''.

Color - Any standard color.

Production Time - Approximately 9 workings days after receipt of art or proof approval.

Screen Printed - For durability.  Colors are durable for approximately 3 - 5 years; four-color process 3 years.

Note - White satic cannot be used for inside window decals