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Corrugated plastic yard signs being reviewed by our quality control inspector. We ship thousands of yard signs everyday.
What are Yard Signs made from? Yard Sign Materials

A brief description of yard sign material options.  Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs, Fold-over Poster Board Signs, and Poly Bag Signs.

 Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs - #1 Seller

Corrugated Plastic is an all weather material approximately 3/16 inch thick.  Corrugated plastic yard signs are waterproof and screen printed for outdoor durability.  Corrugated Plastic yard signs can be used again and again and have the longest life span of any temporary outdoor signage.  Great for candidates who run for the same office repeatedly.


 Polyethylene Bag Signs (Poly Bag Signs)

Poly Bag Signs are made from weather proof heavy duty polyethylene with an opaque lining to eliminate see-thru.  Generally available only in bulk quantities.  This type of exterior signage has a short life span with very limited reusability.  Polyethylene bags deteriorate rapidly in the harmful UV rays of the sun.  These signs may get brittle and crack after long term exposure.  Poly bag signs tend to create litter due to the cracking of the polyethlene plastic.

 Fold Over Paper Signs (Weatherproof Posterboard Signs)
These signs continue to be the one of the popular choices for political campaigns.  They are often called Political Posters.  The most popular size is 22 inches wide x 28 inches tall.  Typically, weat her resistant posterboard signs are printed on one side with two identical images and folded in half to make a double sided sign which is 14 inches tall and 22 inches wide. These signs are made from poly-coated weather proof poster board.  These are also screen printed.  Paper Signs are folded in half, than either stapled or glued shut.  Outdoor life span is shorter than corrugated plastic yard signs with limited reusability.  Weather Resistant Poster Board Election Yard Signs are made from 24 point, 6 ply, poly coated (2 sides) weather resistant poster board.  This is the best in the industry for temporary outdoor / indoor signs, especially political posters.  Our signs are UV screen printed for indoor and outdoor durability.  For more information or to purchase poster board yard signs visit us at Sign Oufitters.