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SS Graphics, Inc. is a sign company located in Michigan.  We have be an online provider of signs and sign related products since 2001.

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In our yard sign production we use semi-automatic M & R Saturn screen printing presses to print our yard signs. We are capable of printing thousands of yard signs everyday.  In addition to using semi-automated presses, we also use environmentally friendly Ultra Violet curable screen printing inks in our production process.  UV inks are cured with state of the art Vitran UV Reactors.

Environmentally Friendly UV Screen Printing

We use environmentally friendly Ultra Violet curable inks for screen printing of our corrugated plastic yard signs.  UV inks are about as environmentally friendly as screen printing inks can get, because they produce almost zero emissions.  Unlike conventional screen printing inks, UV inks do not contain any solvents.  The solvents used in traditional air-dry screen printing inks evaporate as the inks dry releasing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.  VOCs are harmful in two ways:  First, they are a key cause of air pollution creating harmful pollutants like ground-level ozone.  Secondly, some VOCs are classified as Hazardous Air Pollutants and harmful to people who work in or near traditional air-dry screen printing facilities.  Air-dry screen printing inks may be subject to special regulatory controls under the Clean Air Act.  SS Graphics, Inc. only uses UV curable screen printing inks in our yard sign production facility.


UV Screen Printing

UV screen printing inks do not actually dry in the printing process, they cure.  Although UV screen printing inks look like traditional liquid solvent based inks, they are very different.  UV inks look like liquids but they are actually solids.  They remain liquid until they come into contact with intense Ultra Violet light generated by UV reactors.  When an UV ink is exposed to intense Ultra Violet light it cures instantly – that means no drying time.  This instantaneous curing allows SS Graphics to produce many more yard signs per day than if we used conventional solvent based air-drying inks.  Our yard signs can be handled and packed for shipping immediately after they emerge from the UV reactor.


In a nutshell this means that we can produce a cheap yard sign quickly without sacrificing quality.  So whether you need an advertising yard sign to promote your business, a political yard sign to promote your election campaign, or a real estate yard sign make us your sign company for all of your signage needs.

Yard Signs

SS Graphics is the premiere online store for yard signs in all shapes and sizes. Need yard signs for a political campaign? We are the perfect source. We even have a guide to help you make great custom designs for your yard signs. And we gladly give volume discounts, which means you can have your signs for as little as a couple dollars each. Whether poly bag or full-color corrugated, our yard signs are shipped quickly—and conveniently—to your front door.

Cheap Yard Signs

Looking for cheap yard signs? At SS Graphics we carry thousands of signs, designed to fit any budget. Our cheap yard signs may be inexpensive—but that doesn’t mean they lack on quality. After all, why should you pay an arm and a leg for top-quality signs? At SS Graphics, you don’t have to. We utilize UV screen printing technology to bring the public wholesale yard sign pricing.  Browse our site for cheap yard signs. It’s easy and convenient with our online catalog.

Parking Signs

SS Graphics carries many parking signs, which are ready to ship to you. We even offer custom parking signs, designed to your specifications. Or you can add your custom text to our existing parking signs. For example, you could select a Handicap parking sign and add your text under the handicap symbol. Our customer service team is just a phone call away at 1-800-513-1695.

Handicap Parking Signs

What kind of handicapped parking sign are you looking for? Whatever it is, SS Graphics has you covered. In fact, we carry more than just the traditional handicap parking sign (with symbol only). Our inventory includes various designs, from custom text options to the reserve handicapped parking sign. We also stock a state specific handicap parking signs. Many of our signs are 12x18 or 12x24. Can’t find what you need? Just give us a call - your satisfaction is our focus.

Yard signs can be used for advertising promote businesses, events, or political campaigns.  SS Graphics manufactures yard signs using a state of the art printing process.  Our ready made yard sign design templates make online ordering easy.  We can print custom yard signs to your specification.  For more information email, or call us at 1-800-513-1695.  We always welcome your call!  For news, product releases, and customer service topics visit our Blog.